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1 Shakwat Hossain Bhuiyan
2 Rezaul Haque Chowdhury VS Government of Bangladesh and others
3 Ms. Musarat Islam and others Vs. Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh represented by the Secretary Ministry of Land and others
4 Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited (BTCL) Vs. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission and others
5 Md. Abdul Hye, son of late Abdur Rashid 2/404, Eastern Rokeya Tower 98 Boro Moghbazar, Dhaka Vs Government of Bangladesh, represented by the Secretary, Ministry of Land, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka and others Enemy properties.
6 বাংলাদেশ অভ্যন্তরীণ নৌ-পরিবহন কর্তৃপক্ষ (বি,আই,ডব্লিউ,টি,এ) বনাম মোতাহার হোসেন বিশ্বাস গং
7 Dr. Kamila Afroj Quadir Vs Mr. Md. Anowar Hossain, Secretary (Current Charge), Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh Secretariat, Ramna, Dhaka and others
8 Mr. M. Qumrul Haque Siddique, Advocate, SupremeCourt of Bangladesh Vs The Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Government of thePeople’s Republic of Bangladesh, BangladeshSecretariat, Ramna, Dhaka-1000 and others
9 Catherine Masud VS Md. Kashed Miah
10 Asian Traffic Technologies Ltd. Vs The Government of Bangladesh represented by theSecretary, Road, Transport and Highways Division,Ministry of Road, Transport and Bridges, BangladeshSecretariat, Dhaka-1000 and others
11 Shantinagar Bohumukhi Samabay samity VS Bangladesh, represented by the Secretary Ministry of Land, Bangladesh Secretariat Building, Ramna, Dhaka.
12 Rezia Bibi alias Most. Rezia Khatun Bibi VS Artha Rin Adalat, Bogra
13 The State-Vs-Oyshee Rahman 1. Condemned prisoner committed double murder without any apparent motive and was suffering from mental derailment or some sort of mental disorder and also suffering from ovarian cyst and bronchial asthma; 2. Her paternal grandmother and maternal uncle had a history of psychiatric disorders according to exibit-15; 3. She was around 19[nineteen] year old at the relevant time and the occurrence took place just immediately after her attaining the age of majority; 4. She has no such significant history of prior criminal activity [criminal cases] and 5. She had willingly surrendered to the police station soon after two days of the occurrence.
14 শেখ আবু সেলিম বনাম বাংলাদেশ হাউজ বিল্ডিং ফাইন্যান্স কর্পোরেশন গং
15 Md. Ataul Goni Sheikh and others Vs.The People’s Republic of Bangladesh represented by the Secretary, Ministry of Railway, Bangladesh Secretariat, Ramna, Dhaka and others
16 Abdul Kader Gazi Vs. The State and another The learned Judge of the Shishu Adalat, Chandpur committed serious error of law and exceeded its jurisdiction while dealing with the application for bail of an adult accused and that too without having the case record for trial in due course.
Moreover, section 18 of the Shishu Ain, 2013 will come into play after the case record is transmitted to the Shishu Adalat for trial, not before that.
17 Lokman Vs Ayub Ali and the State Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 Section 118(a) and 138: Cheque is a negotiable instrument (section 13). In the instant case, the prosecution story as narrated in the petition of complaint and the deposition of the complainant as PW1 sharply contradicts each other as to when the complainant paid the money to the accused against which the cheque was issued to repay the same. The petition of complaint is silent about the date of monetary transaction, but states that the cheque was issued by the accused subsequently. In deposition, the complainant stated that the payment of money and issuance of the cheque took place on the same date which creates a doubt as to passing off consideration to the complainant against which the cheque was issued. Therefore, the presumption under section 118(a) of the Act, 1881 as to consideration has been successfully rebutted by the defence. ...(Para 14) Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 Section 9: In my view, the trial Court has correctly found that the complainant is not the holder of the cheque in due course. ...(Para 17)
18 The State-Vs- Qamrul Islam and others
19 Kamruzzaman Khan Vs.Bangladesh represented by the Secretary, Ministry of Law,Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Bangladesh Secretariat,Ramna, Dhaka and others
20 The State Vs. Md. Foysal Bin Nayem @ Dip and Redoyanul Azad @ Rana
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